Monday, February 22, 2010


Lent seems a little surreal this year. Mostly because I have a two-year-old daughter, I didn't get to attend our church's Ash Wednesday service. And this past week, as I have been trying to live into the Lenten season, I've realized how important that service has been to me in the past. Kind of like how important they say a funeral is for mental closure with a death. Next year, I'm definitely going to go to a Ash Wednesday service. Anne will be three, so I'm sure things like this will be easier.

Speaking of which, I'm really struggling with how to observe Lent with Anne. I've looked at lots of sites online and gotten some great ideas (like this one and this one) but they just seem a little old for her. But I'm really enjoying the way our pastors are leading us this Lent. Okay, it's only been one Sunday, but Mindy's sermon was great. Essentially, the idea is that Lent is about love and joy. Only through understanding God's sacrificial love for us, can we begin to know ourselves and live into God's kingdom here on earth. (Mindy, forgive me if this is not the point you were trying to make! I miss pieces here and there while caring for Anne.) Anyway, so to connect those two points - I've decided to just try to find new and creative ways to help Anne understand how much God loves her. What could be a better way to understand Easter, right? It doesn't get any more basic than that. God loves us.

It's too late now, but tomorrow I promise to update you on my no-poo adventure.


mindy said...

that's a great point. if everybody got that point out of the sermon, i'll be pleased as punch.

carra said...

I must be a bad Christian. I never actually thought about how to "do" lent with Adele. We didn't observe lent in my church growing up, so I'm still pretty new at it. That, and I've missed church the last two weeks, that doesn't help. Anyway, these are good thoughts and ideas for what to focus on. So far, my experience with Adele tells me to just stick to what makes sense in her everyday life... Like God loves us... and I think the rest of things will come up naturally on their own. Thanks for the post!