Saturday, February 24, 2007

Okay, since last blog...
Ben and I renovated the spare room closet. It's great! And it didn't really take much longer than we thought it would. We pretty much finished it in one day - Saturday. But the aftermath (the cleaning up and rearranging) took most of the day Monday. I did find time to go to the thrift store for their half off sale, though. I found lots of maternity clothes for my sister Julie. Did I mention she is pregnant? Not too many things for me (except 2 new purses - which if you know me - I don't need! I just have a fetish. :)) Mom found about 5 pairs of pants. She's always so lucky!
My mom and brother came on Monday for a denominational conference. It was from Monday night through Wednesday night. The seminars we went to were great. Ben and I are really excited about starting a marriage ministry at Trinity. And the weather was great! in the 60s all three days.
Thursday I was so tired! I slept late and went to bed early. :) And between those two things I had tea with Tamara. That was nice. I didn't have time to do that the week before.
Friday I substitute taught a special ed class. It wasn't that hard. There were a lot fewer of them, so I got to spend more time with each one which is nice since at heart I am a one-on-one kind of teacher.
And today I am sick. Ben's flu finally caught up with me. Must have been the 4 days of too little sleep. Oh well. I'm just glad it waited till after my family left. Unless I'm remarkably better tomorrow, though, I'll miss church. which would be the first time I've missed church cause I'm sick since we moved to KC - 6 years ago. Not a bad track record.
Okay, gotta go back to bed. The medicine's wearing off....

Monday, February 12, 2007

Warning: this is a rambling blog. It's just what came out when I was typing. :) If you know me well, you'll think I'm right there talking to you. Otherwise, welcome to the spastic mind of Melodie. :)

Okay, I'm still here. Finished a very cute baby hat last week. Now I'm working on a baby blanket for the same baby. When I've finished it, I'll take a picture for you guys. I think it's my favorite blanket yet. This may be my favorite Valentine's Day, too. Ben and I will actually be able to celebrate on an actual holiday. Since I quit my job (we'll celebrate in the morning cause he's still working the holiday). It's great. It's what normal people do. I got a great surprise this morning when my college roommate called me. We talked for an hour. It was very nice to catch up with her. And one of my friends here is going to collaborate with me and do the once-a-month cooking thing. two weeks for her, two weeks for me. We're very excited! We've both really wanted to try it. So we'll do one set and see how we like it. I think we're going to cook next Monday since she'll be off for President's Day. I love the idea of just having to take something out of the freezer and cook it. I'm thinking it may be one of those things that sounds like a great idea but turns out to be much different than the picture in your mind. But we'll see. Cause it sounds like it will be great. And we're going to get 2-4 inches of snow tonight. It's about time for warmer weather, ya know? :) Tulips are out in the stores. I love tulips, but it means that it's supposed to be getting warmer!

Monday, February 05, 2007

I had a great weekend! Started out by going to the Nelson Atkins Art Museum Friday night for their Chinese New Year celebration with two girlfriends. It was great! There was a dance performance by a San Francisco Chinese dance troupe. Then we listened to a Chinese musical group and watched the "Lion Dance." It was great.
Then Saturday I baked a marvelous mixed berry pie to take to a friends house for dinner. We had lots of fun. I also baked dinner and dessert for friends of mine that just had a baby. I cooked all day! Which of course was great, since I love to cook.
Then Sunday after church instead of watching the Super Bowl, I watched girly movies and read a cookbook (The 1896 Boston Cooking School Cookbook - fascinating! I was really surprised by house much still applies today and how much I actually learned.) and crocheted. I started this really pretty, frilly baby hat. It's my first thing to do with a really small hook. It's not as hard as I thought it would be. It just goes really slowly since the stitches are really small. Tonight I'm going to teach two girlfriends how to make the winter hats I've been making. And watch Heroes. It will be my first time, but they're both very into the show.