Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Catching up

So my parents where here last week. Dad was in meetings, but Mom and I had a lot of fun. We rearranged the furniture in my living room and spare bedroom. I like it so much better now! We finished several projects and started recovering a platform rocker I had in my living room. It's going to take a while! But it's started now.

Ben and I went to the zoo today to take advantage of the last day of really nice weather. And it was perfect! There were so many strollers there! You could definitely tell that school started - almost all the kids were really young. But it was a great day.

Friday, September 15, 2006


My sister, Julie, and Marlin are officially married now. Well, they have been since last Saturday, I'm just late in writing this. I was in Mt. Pleasant for 8 days before the wedding to help. It was busy! I've spent this week catching up on my sleep. But I had a good time. It just reaffirms my belief that you should only get married once. Besides the God thing (just a little, thing, right? :) ), no one should have to plan two weddings! But Julie was beautiful. Everything went smoothly. We forgot a few things, but nothing that anyone would have noticed. So we count it a success! yea!

And in the midst of the planning, we went to a plant nursery that was going out of business and I got 4 houseplants, spearmint, and a hibiscus bush. I planted them yesterday. I'm so excited about them! Now I just have to remember to water them. My (probably naive) thought is that since I have more plants now, I'll remember to water more often than I did the three I had before.

And I'm going to the city market tomorrow with Tam and the boys. It's so good to be home! And my mom and dad are coming into town Monday for the whole week. Dad's in meetings during regular work hours, but Mom and I will have plenty of time to do all sorts of things. We'll have a great time.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

This was a first!

I'm in Texas at my parent's house to help with my sister's wedding, which is Saturday. Well, there was a shower yesterday afternoon. We got home about 8, and it smelled funny. Kinda like smoke. But we figured that it must have come from outside. We fixed dinner and were sitting down to eat when we decided that it smelled stronger. So we started looking. After sniffing around, we decided it was strongest at one wall in the living room. Then, to our horror, we saw burn marks going up from a light switch. and it was hot! So we turned off the electricity to the house and called the fire department. They took of the switch cover and saw that the switch itself was melting! They had a heat sensor that they looked inside the walls around the area and determined that it hadn't spread - it was contained in the switch. Praise God! But we had a fire engine at our house. What excitement for the week before the wedding!