Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I just found out that my college piano professor died last Thanksgiving Day. This picture is of us the night of my senior recital. John Rosfeld was probably the most influential professor I had. It got me to thinking. Last week I got a survey from my college and one of the questions it asked was why I picked a Christian university and if it was worth the cost. People like Professor Rosfeld made it worth it. I sat a lot of hours with him during my four years in college. And while I was just supposed to learn how to better play the piano, you learn a lot more than that when you spend 200+ hours with a person. He was a good man. When bad things happened to him, he rose above them and responded in a quintessentially Christian manner. During lessons, he would often speak about his faith and how church was done. He thought a lot about what it meant to be a Christian church musician (and it didn't mean playing a lot of music!). He was a quiet unassuming man. So many musicians are performers. He wasn't. He was a teacher, a composer, a philosopher. It was a blessing in my life to sit under him. He inspired and taught me to be a better Christian, not just a better pianist. Rest in peace, John Rosfeld.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Still more hats!

So this is my favorite hat so far. Isn't the fuzzy brim the best?! Very soon, I hope to have some obsession besides crocheted hats to talk about! On another note, Jane Eyre was on Masterpiece Theatre last night. Brilliant! I have to read it again.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hats, Hats, Hats

So I know I said I was done with hats. I wanted to be finished with hats. I tried to make a dishcloth, but I got bored before I finished. I guess I'm just not finished with hats. I made another this morning - a black one with a blue furry rim. It's adorable.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

So I'm officially a really bad blogger! It's been 2 months! yikes!

Ben and I had a great holiday season. Went to Lincoln to see his family before Christmas. Went to Texas to see my family after New Years. Had a great time both places. I spent most of December finishing a sweater I crocheted my mother for Christmas. Hardest thing I've made yet! But it turned out wonderfully! I was very happy with it. But now I'm taking a break from hard things! I made a scarf, and now I'm on a hat craze. I've made 4. They're so fast and easy! And they're a great way to finish up yarn left over from other projects.

Because of Ben's job, we've spent several Christmases by ourselves, but I think maybe this was the best one. First we had some friends over for a formal Christmas lunch. Then I had a party for "orphans." It turns out that quite a few of our friends couldn't go home to family this year either. So I had a party! We watched Christmas movies, did crafts, and ate lots of food. It was great fun!

And now it's been sleeting and snowing for 3 days. So I'm home crocheting hats. I'm moving on to dishcloths tonight. I've decided. I'm done with hats. And hopefully I'm done with being such a blogger slouch. :)