Monday, February 22, 2010

A Classic

Until Anne got this book for Christmas, I did not understand people's fascination with it. How could it really be that cool?! But it is. Really. It is. Anne loves it and we read it just about every night. I've decided it's the words. I fully admit that I love words and can randomly love or hate a word just because of how it sounds. The phonemes she puts together are soothing. They really are. The repetitive "oo" and "sh" sounds are so calming. Anyway, it's just what I've been thinking about.


carra said...

I love Margaret Wise Brown. At first, I thought her stories were kind of wacky and off beat, and they are! That is ultimately why I ended up falling in love with them. They really get into the minds of little kids, I think.

Ben said...

Can I mention that with this book, Anne learned to read her first word, "Moon"!!!