Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today is Ben's birthday. Happy Birthday! We had a birthday party for him this morning. I love breakfast! Eggs, pancakes, sausage, and make your own fruit smoothies. Yum. And we played Settlers of Catan. It was more fun than I remembered. We had a great time.

Anne gave me flowers today for the first time this afternoon! She picked the dandelions from the church yard. Very cute. Granted, she took this back and played with them, but still......

Thursday we had a great night with my girlfriends. Why don't I get together with them more often?

Anne's deciding she wants to be a little more independent. Yay. (that one was sarcastic.....) Lets see, today she didn't want to eat what I fed her at lunch, she didn't want to stay where she needed to in the bookstore, she didn't want to come in for a bath, she didn't want to go to bed. Good grief. I have to remind myself frequently that independence is important. And she's so fun to play with now that she's older. :)

And I have a splinter. In an awkward place on my fourth finger on my right hand. I can't get to it to get it out. And it hurts. Okay, now I'm just whining. :) Better go to bed.


Sarah said...

We love to play Catan, too. Wish we could share a game with you guys. Mom told me that you were in Austin sometime in the past few months. Next time if you have a few minutes I would love to see you!

The kids and I just got back from a visit to AL to see Sam & Gloria's new baby, Noah. He's a cutie.

Melodie said...

We were actually in San Antonio. My parents moved from Austin to San Antonio about the same time that you moved to Austin. I was disappointed they moved since I was excited that I might get to see you guys when we visited them in Austin.

It's nice you got to see Noah. I'm trying to figure out when to go to Mt Pleasant to see Julie's new baby after she's born in July.