Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So it's been forever!  I know!  But it's been a bit of a crisis around here.  But enough about that. 

Anne is growing so fast!  She is talking more and more every day.  Dog, bird, Jesus, hello, hi, apple, please, Daddy, book (I think), bath.  It's very fun!  

She loves to play outside.  We've had several really nice days and since I like to go outside, too, we've been outside a lot.  She asks to go outside several times a day.  And she doesn't understand why she can't go outside on the really cold days, or the snowy days, or the rainy days, or all of those days that aren't pretty in that never-ending space between winter and spring.  

But my flowers are up! So spring is on the way!  Tulips, Surprise Lilies, and purple hyacinths.  

And I've started to sell my jewelry on Etsy.  There's a banner on the right to the site, but it's http://www.AnnesInspiration.etsy.com.  Tell your friends. :)

Gotta go.  I'll post a picture of Anne soon. 

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