Monday, February 05, 2007

I had a great weekend! Started out by going to the Nelson Atkins Art Museum Friday night for their Chinese New Year celebration with two girlfriends. It was great! There was a dance performance by a San Francisco Chinese dance troupe. Then we listened to a Chinese musical group and watched the "Lion Dance." It was great.
Then Saturday I baked a marvelous mixed berry pie to take to a friends house for dinner. We had lots of fun. I also baked dinner and dessert for friends of mine that just had a baby. I cooked all day! Which of course was great, since I love to cook.
Then Sunday after church instead of watching the Super Bowl, I watched girly movies and read a cookbook (The 1896 Boston Cooking School Cookbook - fascinating! I was really surprised by house much still applies today and how much I actually learned.) and crocheted. I started this really pretty, frilly baby hat. It's my first thing to do with a really small hook. It's not as hard as I thought it would be. It just goes really slowly since the stitches are really small. Tonight I'm going to teach two girlfriends how to make the winter hats I've been making. And watch Heroes. It will be my first time, but they're both very into the show.

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jennylou said...

I love old cook books. Half Price Books in Westport has a section titled "Junior League" that always has really quirky community cook books. I've even found some MCC cookbooks in there. Really old ones are so fascinating.