Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Welcome back!

Well, welcome back to me. :) It's been too long! And of course, so many things have contributed. :)

Anne's been soooo sick with allergies. She's finally getting mostly bit back to normal. Thank goodness. :)

And Ben took the computer to school with him for a while. But that's okay, because it meant that he passed another test! Yay! Only one more to go. Then he can get a job. Whew!

And I went to my grandmother's 84th birthday party. It was lots of fun! I'll try to post pictures tomorrow.

And my mom was here for a week. Lots of fun. But didn't want to spend a lot of time on the computer. I love to have guests, but it's nice to get back to my and Anne's schedule. I never thought I would be one to say that. But I've embraced it!

Now it's time to go to bed.

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