Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Praise God!

We met with Anne's pediatric neurosurgeon this morning.  He said the pediatrician was wrong and he was not very worried.  He said that the visible lump of fat on her back is completely unrelated to the line of fat on her spinal cord.  But the thin line of fat on her spinal cord is what he was looking at.  He says that it doesn't look like it is attached to her spinal cord - which is when it would cause a problem.  He says in babies this young, the best way to tell if there are lower spinal cord problems is if there are bladder problems.  Her bladder appears to be working fine, but he wants her to have it examined to make sure everything is fine.  That will happen when they can work us in - probably a couple of months.  And if everything is okay, he justs thinks we should keep watching the fat on her spine to make sure it doesn't change. So Anne will have another MRI in a year.  The visible lump of fat on her back he says is absolutely harmless and he isn't concerned about in the slightest. 

Summary - everything seems to be okay, but he'll keep watching the thin line of fat on her spinal cord to make sure it doesn't turn into something serious.

Sorry this sounds so confusing.  It was to us, too!

Thank you for your prayers.  Even though we have to keep watching it, we feel God definitely answered our prayers. 


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Kelly Gonzalez said...

That is great! I'm happy she's doing good. We were praying for Anne, and will keep praying.

Remember, He is your fortress, you will never be shaken.