Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Surrounded by faith

So my church had special prayer for Anne on Sunday to pray for healing. After the prayer, someone asked if the lump was gone. I'm ashamed to say I was kind of surprised by the question. Ben and I discussed it later and we obviously don't have that much faith. I'm not a theologian, so maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that this is one of those reasons we're supposed to be a part of a Christian community. When Ben and I don't have faith, we're surrounded by a community that has faith for us. Okay, I know there are flaws in my reasoning. :) Ben and I should try to have that faith. But you know what I mean? I'm glad we're supported by people that have faith for us and encourage that strong faith in us.

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Anonymous said...

When I told a family friend the news she said, "Praise God. He healed her." I responded that if that were the case then He changed the original reports as well.

I had to stop myself at that point as I realized He could have done that.

What an awsome God we serve!! Not only can He heal but can change reports that are already done as well.