Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Anne's MRI results

So we got the results of Anne's MRI yesterday. It wasn't so good. The lump is definitely fat. But the fat extends between her vertebrae into her spinal cord. So she'll definitely have to have surgery to remove the fat. We'll meet with the pediatric neurosurgeon on May 7 to discuss the next steps. Until then, we just wait and pray. It could be really really bad (lifetime problems with her legs) or it could be not very bad (one surgery takes care of everything). I just wanted to let everyone know and ask you to pray for healing.


RB said...


I'm so sorry.

We are going to ask our local chapter of the Order of St. Luke to pray for Anne.

Please keep us informed.

--Russ (russbooton at windstream dot net)

Sacred Symphony said...

Yes, of course we will pray for precious little Anne.
I don't know her, but we send a very special blessing to her and all your family.


Sarah said...

I'm sorry to hear about the surgery. I'll be sure to be praying for all of you. Give Anne a hug for me!