Tuesday, July 03, 2007

We're back from our trip to Illinois. Steph's wedding was beautiful. I think she ended up happy with everything which is the most you can ask from a bride. :) I only made one fairly noticeable mistake on all the music, which is the most I can ask of me! :) I was too busy doing things to take pictures, so Ben took all of what we got. And I've been too tired since we got back to even think about looking at them. Maybe tomorrow I'll look through them and post some.

Good news! We worked at how to rearrange the bedrooms to include baby things and I think it won't be as hard as I originally thought! It was actually pretty fun. Ben measured everything and we made a 2-d scale model of the bedrooms with furniture so that we could move everything around and "experience" different ways without actually moving furniture. So much more fun than the online version. I get so tired of doing things on the computer. Feeling something with my fingers is so much better. :)

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