Tuesday, July 03, 2007


So the best thing about this summer is the peaches and apricots. I've always liked them, but I absolutely cannot get enough! I can eat three a day! Which is sad since they don't usually fit in my grocery budget. Every time I'd pass them in the market, I'd breathe in the wonderful scent, then sigh. So it made my day today when I got the grocery ads and found out they're on sale this week. :) Ben laughed at me. But like I always say, if you can't get joy out of the little things in life, you'll spend most of your life depressed. I like my way best!


Ryland said...

I love Peaches!! Best kind are GA peaches!! Speaking of peaches? Have you ever had peach ice cream? Its incredible! Anyway, chat with ya lata!

jennylou said...

love peaches! The ones from our CSA are amazing. I'm making a peach and blackberry crisp right now and can smell it baking. yum