Monday, March 05, 2007

Yay for Spring!

It's spring! at least for this week. :) and I'm so happy! I was sick all last week, so it's perfect for the weather to be beautiful just when I'm feeling better. It feels like God did it just for me. :) Ben had to go to the orthodontist this morning, so we did that then went to Shawnee Mission Park. It was pretty windy, but other than that it was great. We walked along the lake edge and then walked up a trail through the [still rather dead-looking] woods. It will feel more like spring when there are flowers out, the grass is green, and buds are on the trees. But Easter is in a month and by then it will be perfect. Which just seems perfect to me. I've always thought it was a little odd to have Easter when it still feels like winter. Enough rambling for today. Gotta go. A friend's coming over to watch Heroes tonight. yay! After I've been sick, I love feeling like I have energy to do everything! It's such a fresh feeling. It makes me realize that when I complain that I'm busy and tired, maybe I'm just complaining. :)

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