Saturday, April 18, 2009


So I like the yellow dandelion flower.  I admit it.  But I have lots growing in my flower garden.  And they've gotten BIG!  Creepy big.  :O Really.  Have you ever seen a big dandelion?  Ever looked at it?!  Scary!  They kind of remind me of some Star Trek alien.  Very tentacle-ly.  Yesterday they got to me so much that I had to get rid of them. Which of course is a good thing.  Anne played in the dirt while I pulled weeds and she thought it was great fun!  So it was outside fun all around.

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carra said...

ha ha! They are creepy. You're more ambitious than I am, though... Adele loves to pick them, so I just let her. There are buckets sitting around our yard filled to the top with dandelion flowers. But the plants that creep up onto the sidewalk... I get rid of those when they start to remind me of giant spiders.