Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trip to see family

We went to see my grandparents in Texas this last weekend. Got back last night. It was a lot of fun. They love Anne! She basked in all the attention. :) On the way to Texas, we stopped by Oklahoma City, to see my brother and the college Ben and I attended. It was fun to show Anne off to our old profs, etc. I'll end with some pictures, but here's a few thoughts:

Funniest thing I saw: on the way back, in Kansas, I saw on elderly old-order Amish couple eating at a McDonalds. Struck me as very amusing. I had to work not to laugh. :)

Scariest thing: Splashed water completely covering the car windshield so I couldn't see anything in Oklahoma City. It was just for a moment, but I think I must have gotten the most concentrated shot of adrenaline I've ever gotten, because once it was over, I realized I was numb all over. Very scary! (On that note - why, when you can't see anything, would anyone drive 40? I was going 25 part of the time! It was a stupid driver of a passenger truck that splashed water to cover my car. Stupid drivers! argh!)

Okay, pictures: ummmm....I ran out of time. Maybe I'll post them tomorrow. :)

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Karen R said...

oh I wish you had taken a photo of the Amish couple. What a contrast in culture!

this is fun catching up on your are a very interesting writer.

I couldn't believe what Seth looked like in the Christmas pic over at your mom's blog. Wow what a change!!