Friday, January 18, 2008

This is my new kitchen floor. Isn't it pretty?! I don't think I have a picture of the old one, but it was awful. Mom and I put this new vinyl tile down on Monday and Tuesday. It may not be the best stuff, but it looks so much better than the old floor. We also put quarter round in the far (refridgerator) room to make it look more finished. Isn't it amazing?! I could just stand in the doorway and admire it for hours. :)

On other notes: Mom and Dad were here for almost two weeks for Dad to go to his doctorate class. Mom and I did things. Dad studied. Anne is changing so much lately! She changed even in the two weeks they were here. She's talking so much. And she likes to lay on the floor and move her arms and legs. And that's great for me because it means I can read a little bit again. I really missed reading! :)

My parents left yesterday, so I'm back at work today with Anne. (Mom watched her while I worked while she was here.) It's getting a lot easier to watch her now that she's calmer and since shecan entertain herself for a little bit.

And now I need to start working for real.....
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