Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The twice-annual church retreat was this weekend. And my friend Scott found this poem and posted it on his blog (Two Empty Hands: "I wear the facade of pseudo peace"). And I really liked it, so I took it. :) Anyway. I really like the last stanza.

Befriending Chaos
By Barbara Mayer, OSB
Atchison, Kansas

I hide chaos in the closets of my mind,
fearing to reveal my inner turmoil,
my lack of order, my inability to control
the frayed edges of my anxieties.
When confusion and turbulence
upset the smooth tempo of my life
I wear the facade of pseudo peace,
unaware of burgeoning new life
pushing through worn-out securities

Just as the universe evolves with both
order and turbulence, I too must embrace
the tsunamic upheavals of my life,
knowing they contain unlimited
opportunities for transformation.

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