Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I've gotten to Mount Pleasant. The trip on Sunday was fairly uneventful except for the guy the last 15 minutes that decided to go 15 UNDER the speed limit in an area where I couldn't pass him. It made me so mad! But I got here. Mom and I have been sewing baby slings. We've finished three and started another. It's kind of fun. My last one was shaping out to be a disaster (we made several stupid mistakes) but now it just looks creative and special. My mom is so imaginative! :) And yesterday was Dad's birthday, so we're having the whole family over for dinner.

Ben is doing well. He really likes his tutor. He's learning a lot, but not always getting his homework done. He loves the cool weather! He had a bit of altitude sickness when he first got there, but he's doing better now. He's taken lots of pictures; so when he sends them to me then I'll post some. He was supposed to go to an art museum on Monday, but it rained, so they didn't go. I hope he goes later. And I love technology. I don't know how I'd do it otherwise. We've e-mailed or chatted or talked every day he's been gone. Yesterday we figured out how to do the webcam/microphone Skype call. It's great.

This weekend is a family reunion. We leave on Thursday.

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Sarah said...

I love sewing with my mom, too. Have fun in Mt. Pleasant! I wish we could come again this year.