Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So my whole family came for Memorial Day. Dad, Mom, sister and her husband, and my younger brother. So Ben and I had to clean out the garage for someone to sleep down there. Straightening it up was less work than we anticipated, but cleaning it was a lot of work! It's just very dirty! The last guy that lived there did a lot of woodworking and there was sawdust everywhere. But its done now. Ben built another shelf. He just really likes woodworking. :)

And now my dad is here for two weeks doing doctoral work at NTS. It's been kinda nice. We've never spent just a lot of time alone, so it's been fun.

Ben and I took a picnic today. I just wanted to leave the house. He just wanted peace and quiet. So we ended up at Loose Park. Ate our picnic in the shade and then just laid there. There was a nice breeze. It was great. And we found out there's a spray park at Loose Park! Isn't that cool? There were quite a few kids there today. Ben loves water and thought it looked like fun. I told Ben, once we have our baby, no one will look at him weird for going to places like that. But for this summer, he'll have to borrow a kid or two. :) He might just do it. Side note: I really hope our kids aren't as scared of water as I am. It's kind of annoying.

I really love fireflies! I can see tons from my back deck.

Okay, I'm determined not to make all my posts as long as that one just a little bit ago. So I'll go!

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