Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

So I'm officially a really bad blogger! It's been 2 months! yikes!

Ben and I had a great holiday season. Went to Lincoln to see his family before Christmas. Went to Texas to see my family after New Years. Had a great time both places. I spent most of December finishing a sweater I crocheted my mother for Christmas. Hardest thing I've made yet! But it turned out wonderfully! I was very happy with it. But now I'm taking a break from hard things! I made a scarf, and now I'm on a hat craze. I've made 4. They're so fast and easy! And they're a great way to finish up yarn left over from other projects.

Because of Ben's job, we've spent several Christmases by ourselves, but I think maybe this was the best one. First we had some friends over for a formal Christmas lunch. Then I had a party for "orphans." It turns out that quite a few of our friends couldn't go home to family this year either. So I had a party! We watched Christmas movies, did crafts, and ate lots of food. It was great fun!

And now it's been sleeting and snowing for 3 days. So I'm home crocheting hats. I'm moving on to dishcloths tonight. I've decided. I'm done with hats. And hopefully I'm done with being such a blogger slouch. :)

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