Monday, October 09, 2006


So we had community group at our house last night. Not a lot of people, but it was a lot of fun. As Ben and I were cleaning, I happened to go out on the front porch and found that my rose bush had 4 beautiful blooms. I of course, cut them to enjoy inside. :) And so I experimented with my closeup photo skills last night and this afternoon. I was very pleased. Of course it helps that the rose bush I inherited has the most beautiful roses I've ever seen (and since I don't like roses at all, that's sayin something!). Anyway, all that to say - here's a couple of pictures to enjoy.


Erin Moorman said...

What's "community group"?

Melodie said...

Community group is my church's version of small groups or home groups. Smaller groups of the congregtation for the purpose of discipleship, community/fellowship, and pastoral care.