Thursday, August 24, 2006

Books, Books, Books!!!

Anyone who really knows me knows I love books. Books of all kinds. Old books and new books, non-fiction and fiction, novels, mysteries, cookbooks, and how-to books. I just love books! And today, I got to go to the library with Sam and Elijah, the sons of my good friend. It was great fun. We stayed maybe a touch too long - they were really tired by the time we left - but teaching kids to love libraries is opening up such a world to them! Some people get overwhelmed by the number of books at a library, but I love knowing that as long as there are libraries, I will always have more books to read. It's inspiring! We checked out kids books for Sam, Tamara got cookbooks, and I got three Pride and Prejudice sequels (I'm on a Jane Austen binge! :)). And the piano lesson that's scheduled for tonight was moved to last night, so I think I'm going to start one of those books tonight. :)


jennylou said...

I love books too. Have you been to the library downtown? It's amazing. JR and I lose each other in there all the time although I'm getting good at knowing what sections I can always find him in (religion, sports, motor vehicles, or local history). It's fun.

Melodie said...

Yes, that's the one we took Sam and Elijah to. That's my favorite branch! When we lived downtown, I was there all the time.