Monday, June 13, 2005

Ben's digestive difficulties

So Ben had his six-month checkup with his gastroenterologist today.  He's been having a more frequent problems lately, and has lost 11 pounds since January 20 (according to the doctor's office).  Anyway, the doctor was worried about it.  So he has to have a CAT scan of his abdomen and swallow a camera-pill so they can examine the rest of his intestines.  (The doctor said they've looked at the top and the bottom of his intestines, but there are still about 20 feet that they haven't seen. 20 feet! Amazing!)  The CAT scan will be this week; we're not sure about the camera-pill thing.  The doctor said what they're trying to rule out is Crohn's.  To us, he doesn't seem bad enough to have Crohn's, but that the doctor mentioned it as a possibility is very scary.  Very scary...

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